Our Company

Granum Group is a commodity merchandising firm, actively originating, trading, and transporting grains, oilseeds, and feedstuffs. We operate a global crop origination and transportation network, with key hubs located in the world’s premier agricultural production regions. These industrial Agri facilities are complemented by our trading & logistic offices which coordinate and oversee our global operations from harvest through discharge.

We understand that food security is, and will continue to be one of the world’s most important issues. As populations grow, the demand for food & feed items becomes greater and greater. This trade, the movement of foods from origination regions to consumption points has become one of the world’s largest economic industries.

Through our investments in infrastructure, logistics, warehousing & storage, farming, crop development, and multinational trade relations, Granum Group has positioned itself to be a crucial and indispensable member of the world’s food markets. We source and originate products in the premier growing regions, efficiently transport these food stuffs, and exit the right products to the right markets.

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